Sep 24, 2020

POG researchers uncover potential biomarkers for the treatment of advanced stage breast and colorectal cancer

Cancer is a disease of the genome, and research has shown that the genomic alterations in a tumour influence treatment response and failure. For advanced-stage breast and colorectal cancer, tumour sequencing has now uncovered key alterations that can guide clinicians in determining the best course of treatment for their patients.
Aug 10, 2020

An in-depth analysis of cervical cancers in Ugandan women

Cervical cancer disproportionately affects women in sub-Saharan Africa where it is the most common cancer-related mortality and has disease rates higher than any other region in the world (1). Yet studies of the disease have predominantly focused on non-African populations.

An international team of researchers, in work led by Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) at BC Cancer, have now published an analysis of the genomic characteristics of cervical cancers in Ugandan women.

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