CAP, DAP and ISO 27001 certified and designed for flexible, efficient, secure, scalable and high-throughput, high-quality analyses, our state-of-the-art sequencing, bioinformatics and proteomics platforms are ready to be put to use for your research and clinical projects. 

Our mandate is to advance knowledge about cancer and other diseases, to improve human health through disease prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic approaches, and to realize the social and economic benefits of genomics research.


Our sequencing validation team offers several high quality, high throughput targeted sequencing services. Our clinical pipelines are CAP and DAP certified, including for panel testing and whole genome sequencing.



We produce quality data with high sensitivity and specificity and low false positives to discover novel variants, provide reliable database construction, data deposition and customized informatic services.



We perform collaborative proteomic research to characterize and quantify the changes to proteins and the proteome that drive tumourigenesis.


LIMS tracking

Samples submitted for analysis are tracked through our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) located at

Terms of Service

Platform services at the GSC are collaborative and are available and accessible to any and all qualified researchers. Collaborative services are billed on a cost recovery, meaning that we charge only the costs of conducting the service. Pricing is based on the scope and type of work requested.

Where warranted due to a collaborator's requirements, we can operate on a fee-for-services basis. We encourage the use of the platform for commercial or service based activity on Terms and Conditions determined by the BC Cancer Technology Development Office. Regardless of the service type, the order of work and delivery of service follow the principles described below.

For all services, the order of work done is determined on a "first in, first on" principle, and we require that all researchers establish a statement of work with us for their activities prior to the submission of any samples. All work is queued in our systems based on the date of sample receipt. Turnaround times may vary widely, based not only on the numbers of samples or other work in the queue but also status of technology development; during times when instrument or systems upgrades are being installed or implemented, turnaround times may be affected while the platform adopts newer, better methods and technology.

Because we operate on a collaborative, cost-recovery basis, we are unable to offer volume discounts for large sample sets or to enable enhanced/faster service with surcharges or premiums.

Also, as a collaborative service provider, we require all collaborators accessing services to acknowledge the work performed by the GSC. Please see acknowledgement and reference policy for these requirements.

Acknowledgement & Reference Policy

In order to gauge our scientific impact we attempt to track our contribution to the wider scientific community. This is done as part of our ongoing support for the activities of our collaborators, as well as to ensure we meet the requirements of both our funding partners and our charter as a non-profit agency. In order to achieve this, we require our collaborators to acknowledge the work performed by the GSC in any or all of the following ways:

  1. The GSC does not request or require co-authorship on publications when data has been generated through their cost-recovery collaborative service alone, i.e. when no intellectual contribution has been made.
  2. Where intellectual contributions have been made by the GSC, collaborators are required to discuss potential and pending publications based on these contributions with the relevant GSC scientists or staff to identify appropriate co-authorship.
  3. At a minimum, acknowledgement of the work of the GSC should be included in peer-reviewed publications. The following sentence can be incorporated into the Acknowledgements section of the article: “The authors wish to acknowledge Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, Vancouver, Canada for [activity].  A full list of funders of infrastructure and research supporting the services accessed is available at [LINK to Partnerships, consortia and funding support page]
  4. In addition, acknowledgements should appear in the text of peer-reviewed publications, for example in the Materials and Methods sections. A suggested sentence for inclusion is: “[Activity] was performed by Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, Vancouver, Canada”.

We would be very pleased to receive notification when collaborators publish papers acknowledging the GSC.

Statements of Work

Cost and turnaround time, as well as the feasibility of meeting a project's needs, are dependent on the type, scope and scale of services that are needed. Please contact us with details about your project and we will work with you in establishing the pricing and estimated turnaround times for your work.

For additional information or to arrange for a cost quotation, please contact us.

Statements of Work Project Management Team 
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer
Suite 100, 570 West 7th Avenue 
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4S2

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We provide access to a diversity of cutting-edge sequencing and bioinformatics tools and techniques and can customize our services for your specific research or clinical projects. Let us help you discover new possibilities by leveraging our expertise in scientific collaboration to design new approaches and technologies specific to your research questions. We look forward to hearing about how we can put our experience, skills and platforms to work for your projects. Let us know how we can help—provide us with the details of your project or contact us directly:

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