Genome assembly scaffolder with linked and long reads

ARCS is a genomics software for scaffolding genome assembly drafts using linked or long reads.

ARCS can be run in 2 modes and using two different data type:

  • ARCS uses alignments of linked (or long) reads to the input contigs
  • ARKS uses exact k-mer mapping to associate linked (or long) reads to input contigs


  • Sarah Yeo, Lauren Coombe, René L Warren, Justin Chu, Inanç Birol: ARCS: scaffolding genome drafts with linked reads. Bioinformatics (2017), 34(5):725-731.
  • Lauren Coombe, Jessica Zhang, Benjamin P Vandervalk, Justin Chu, Shaun D Jackman, Inanç Birol, René L Warren: ARKS: chromosome-scale scaffolding of human genome drafts with linked read kmers. BMC Bioinformatics (2018), 19(1):234.

Current Release

GitHub release page for ARCS

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