Mar 16, 2020

The GSC’s response to COVID-19

We all have a responsibility to take precautionary measures in order to help stop the global transmission of COVID-19. The GSC is helping our employees to find ways to attend work safely, including working remotely. We are also moving in-person gatherings to virtual interactions, and all tours of our facilities have been cancelled until further notice. For now, we will continue to accept and sequence samples and maintain all functionality including database and analytical capacities, prioritizing clinical and Personalized OncoGenomics pipelines.

Dec 05, 2019

GSC scientists among the most highly cited in the world

Every year, scientists and scholars worldwide publish their findings in academic journals and proceedings, producing papers estimated in the range of more than two million. How does the research community determine the papers with the most value? Citations are one way, and a paper that other scientific authors have frequently cited has arguably proved itself to be highly significant.

Nov 28, 2019

Celebrating 20 years of discovery

November 2019 marked twenty years of science, discovery, innovation, collaboration and education at Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) at BC Cancer. Alumni, collaborators, partners, family and friends joined us in celebration at our Echelon technology platform on November 15, 2019. On November 21, the first day of the 2019 BC Cancer Summit, we held a scientific symposium, featuring 16 speakers—researchers, partners, former trainees and leaders in genomics—highlighting the technology advances, scientific investigations and groundbreaking discoveries that have helped advance genome science. 
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