Library Tech D

Library Tech D is a group of talented molecular biologists and technologists who evaluate, optimize, develop, and validate new methodologies and applications for GSC’s next generation sequencing platform. The team has contributed to the success of many large genomics projects, for example, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), Medulloblastoma Advanced Genomics International Consortium (MAGIC), and Personalized Onco-genomics of BC Cancer. The current focus of his group is developing methods to sequence genome and transcriptome from more challenging and low input materials such as circulating DNA (ctDNA), FFPET (Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded tissue) and single cells, as well as protocols for clinically accredited sequencing. The group is also interested in developing custom solutions via collaboration to support projects in biological research including cancer.  

Selected Publications

Construction of Strand-seq libraries in open nanoliter arrays

Cell Reports Methods
Vincent CT Hanlon, Daniel D Chan, Zeid Hamadeh, Yanni Wang, Carl-Adam Mattsson, Diana CJ Spierings, Robin JN Coope, Peter M Lansdorp

Single-cell Strand-seq generates directional genomic information to study DNA repair, assemble genomes, and map structural variation onto chromosome-length haplotypes. We report a nanoliter-volume, one-pot (OP) Strand-seq library preparation protocol in which reagents are added cumulatively, DNA purification steps are avoided, and enzymes are inactivated with a thermolabile protease. OP-Strand-seq libraries capture 10%-25% of the genome from a single-cell with reduced costs and increased throughput.



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