Bioinformatics analysis

Bioinformatics is comprised of three groups of Computational Biologists with specialties in software development, high throughput bioinformatic analysis and integrative analysis. These groups create and operate robust high throughput analysis pipelines that support programs such as the BC Cancer Personalized OncoGenomics Program, and the NCI funded HIV+ Tumour Molecular Characterization project. 

The core capabilities offered by the bioinformatics team include:

  • genetic variant detection
  • somatic mutation detection
  • mutation signature analysis
  • transcriptome analysis (including miRNAs and down to single cell resolution)
  • structural variant analysis
  • copy number variant analysis
  • de novo genome assembly and annotation
  • genome methylation analysis
  • analysis of histone modifications
  • ChIP-seq analysis
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) maintenance
  • development and assistance with experimental design.

The Bioinformatics groups makes certain software programs and scripts available in the GSC Bioinformatics Software Centre.




Sharon Ruschkowski

Bioinformatics Coordinator
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