Dr. Pinaki Bose uses high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics tools to interrogate the biology of cancer. He is one 16 speakers that will present at the GSC’s 20th Anniversary Symposium, November 21, 2019. 

Pinaki BoseAfter completing his PhD and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary, Dr. Pinaki Bose wanted to expand his cancer research expertise and gain experience in genomics and bioinformatics. Dr. Bose joined the laboratory of Dr. Steve Jones at the GSC as a post-doctoral fellow working on the Personalized OncoGenomics program and a TFRI-funded project investigating therapeutic susceptibilities in glioblastoma.

“The GSC has always been at the forefront of genomics research,” says Dr. Bose, “And Steve provided me with an excellent training experience that has contributed significantly to what I do now. It made me a much better scientist.”

Dr. Bose took the skills he acquired while working at the GSC and now scientifically leads the Precision Oncology and Experimental Therapeutics (POET) program at the University of Calgary. He also directs the translational research program of the Ohlson Research Initiative. He combines his expertise in cancer biology and genomics to run this multidisciplinary head and neck, glioblastoma and lung cancer research program involving surgeons, pathologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians and basic researchers. His laboratory also employs high-throughput screening techniques to find novel prognostic and predictive biomarkers, and therapeutic targets.   

“I look at cancers through the lens of biology first,” says Dr. Bose, “And then interrogate the biology using genomics and bioinformatics.” 

Dr. Bose will present his latest research at the GSC’s upcoming 20th anniversary symposium, where he is looking forward to reuniting with current and former GSC researchers and trainees.

“Everybody has different perspectives and expertise,” says Dr. Bose, “It will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and forge collaborations.”

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