Comparison of C42 and androgen receptor knock-in prostate cancer cell lines

Project information:

Project name: 'LnCAP_AR_KnockIn'

EnsEMBL version: 53

UCSC build: hg18

ALEXA-Seq database: hs_53_36o

Species: Homo_sapiens (Human)

Lanes of data analysed: 8

Library count: 2

Comparisons defined: 1

Library statistics (link to library summary):

HS1441 (C42)

HS1442 (AR_KnockIn)

Download package of all results files: LnCAP_AR_KnockIn_ResultFiles.tar.gz

View candidate gene lists for each comparison (DE+AE genes, AE genes only, Gains only, Losses only):

HS1442_vs_HS1441 (AR_KnockIn_vs_C42)

View candidate peptide lists (peptides corresponding to: junction gains, junction losses, exon+junction gains, exon+junction losses):

HS1442_vs_HS1441 (AR_KnockIn_vs_C42)

Summary of expressed, differentially expressed and alternatively expressed features:

Welcome to the ALEXA-Seq data viewer. This viewer allows you to examine the expression, differential expression and alternative expression for several feature types (exons, junctions, introns, etc.) for all EnsEMBL loci. The following table provides links to lists of: the most highly abundant expressed (EXP) features, all significant differentially expressed (DE) features and all significant alternatively expressed (AE) features. Click on an icon to view these lists for the desired feature type. The number of features is enumerated beneath each icon. Note that for EXP tables, only the top 1% of expressed features will be summarized. Example 1: to see the most highly expressed exons in each library, click the 'EXP' icon in the 'ExonRegion' row of the table. Example 2: to view a ranked list of significant differentially expressed transcripts, click the 'DE' icon in the 'Transcript row of the table. Example 3: to view a ranked list of alternatively expressed, novel exon-exon junctions click the 'AE' icon in the 'NovelJunction' row of the table. For a detailed description of the feature types and how the ALEXA-Seq data viewer works, refer to our manuscript. To view data for a specific gene, use the 'SEARCH' link above.

Data TypeExpression
(All libraries)
Differential Expression
(All comparisons)
Alternative Expression
GeneExpression report for Gene
Differential Expression report for Gene
TranscriptExpression report for Transcript
Differential Expression report for Transcript
Alternative Expression report for Transcript
ExonRegionExpression report for ExonRegion
Differential Expression report for ExonRegion
Alternative Expression report for ExonRegion
JunctionExpression report for Junction
Differential Expression report for Junction
Alternative Expression report for Junction
KnownJunctionExpression report for KnownJunction
Differential Expression report for KnownJunction
Alternative Expression report for KnownJunction
NovelJunctionExpression report for NovelJunction
Differential Expression report for NovelJunction
Alternative Expression report for NovelJunction
BoundaryExpression report for Boundary
Differential Expression report for Boundary
Alternative Expression report for Boundary
KnownBoundaryExpression report for KnownBoundary
Differential Expression report for KnownBoundary
Alternative Expression report for KnownBoundary
NovelBoundaryExpression report for NovelBoundary
Differential Expression report for NovelBoundary
Alternative Expression report for NovelBoundary
IntronExpression report for Intron
Differential Expression report for Intron
Alternative Expression report for Intron
ActiveIntronRegionExpression report for ActiveIntronRegion
Differential Expression report for ActiveIntronRegion
Alternative Expression report for ActiveIntronRegion
SilentIntronRegionExpression report for SilentIntronRegion
Differential Expression report for SilentIntronRegion
Alternative Expression report for SilentIntronRegion
IntergenicExpression report for Intergenic
Differential Expression report for Intergenic
ActiveIntergenicRegionExpression report for ActiveIntergenicRegion
Differential Expression report for ActiveIntergenicRegion
SilentIntergenicRegionExpression report for SilentIntergenicRegion
Differential Expression report for SilentIntergenicRegion