Version 0.3.0 and Java 8.0+

The Java Web Start link would launch the pre-release build of jhive version 0.3.0. The code was built with JDK 8.0.

This build has most of the bug-fixes and features of version 0.3.0. Please let me know if you have any issues or bugs.

If Java blocks the deployment of jhive, please lower your Java security settings to medium.

For latest updates and bug fixes, always launch jhive with this Java Web Start link:

If you have launched jhive from this link previously, then it will update your cached version automatically. (smile)

A desktop shortcut would be created for offline use. Launching from this shortcut does not check for updates.

New Wiki

The wiki for jhive is now public:

It is still under construction. Lots of content will be added soon. Please check back for updates! (smile)