The technology and clinical platforms at the Genome Sciences Centre are staffed by teams of professional scientists with expertise in several areas of genomics research. These teams support researchers and collaborators in BC and around the world, using state-of-the-art technologies and cutting edge methodologies to answer fundamental questions in life science. 


Bioinformatics Platform

The bioinformatics group has developed computational pipelines and databases to analyze and visualize genomic sequence information efficiently and at scale. It currently analyzes and processes more than 100 terabases of DNA sequence per month.

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Sequencing Platform

The Genome Sciences Centre sequencing platform is a high-throughput large-scale DNA analysis facility that has been designed to maximize capacity while maintaining efficiency, scalability and flexibility. 

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Proteomics Platform

The Genome Sciences Centre Proteomics Platform performs collaborative proteomics research to characterize and quantify the changes to proteins and the proteome that drive tumourigenesis. 

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