Behind the technology platforms, the services, the research and the petabases of sequence data are these teams of skilled and dedicated individuals, working together towards a common goal. 

Sequencing Team

The Sequencing Team runs and maintains the 19 sequencers in our Sequencing Platform, working together to generate 30 to 60 terabytes of sequence each month. 

Bioinformatics Team

The Bioinformatics Analysis Team is divided into three groups: Analysis Pipelines, Software Development and Data Analysis. Together, they focus on analyzing and disseminating the data.

The Bioinformatics Databases Team ensures that all data at the GSC is efficiently tracked, processed, stored and disseminated.

Library and Biospecimen Core

The Library Core and Biospecimen Core are teams of skilled genome science technologists, research assistants and supervisors who are involved with procuring and processing diverse biological samples for clinical and research next generation sequencing applications.

Development Team

Library Tech D is a group of talented molecular biologists and technologists who evaluate, optimize, develop, and validate new methodologies and applications for GSC’s next generation sequencing platform. 

The Instrumentation Team is responsible for liquid handling automation as well as the development of novel solutions for sample handling for genomic analysis.  

Quality Systems Team

The Quality Systems Team works with the production laboratory groups to ensure quality service is provided to our internal and external clients.

Management and Administration

Management and Administration teams at the GSC include: 



Knowledge Translation

Lab Operations


HR & Administration 


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