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Collaborative Services

The GSC specializes in high-throughput, large-scale genome research activities encompassing cancer genetics, bioinformatics, LIMS, DNA sequencing, data analysis, genome mapping, gene expression profiling, proteomics and technology development.

The facility was designed specifically for flexibility and high throughput with a particular emphasis on efficiency and rapid scale-up. Research is carried out on the latest instrumentation, with data collected and analyzed on one of the most innovative and flexible bioinformatics computing facilities in the world.

BC Cancer’s Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) and UBC’s Sequencing and Bioinformatics Consortium (SBC) are now collaborating as the Genomics Technology Platform, supported by Genome BC and Genome Canada.  For quotes and sample submission enquiries please contact the GSC as indicated below. 

For further information please see our Terms of Service

The GSC has the following services available:


  • Second generation sequencing - Illumina HiSeq X, 2500, NextSeq and MiSeq
    • Whole genome sequencing
    • Whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing (RNA-Seq)
    • Micro RNA
    • ChIP
    • Epigenome sequencing
    • Exome capture
    • Indexed sequencing
  • High-throughput DNA sequencing - AB 3730XL
    • ESTs
    • Whole genome shotgun sequencing (viruses, bacteria, fungi)
    • BAC end sequencing
    • Full-length cDNA sequencing
    • Amplicon sequencing
  • T-cell and B-cell receptor profiling
    • Characterization of T-cell and B-cell receptor repertoire from submitted samples, using amplicon generation and Illumina sequencing

Bioinformatics Platform Services

  • Genome Annotation
  • High-throughput PCR primer prediction
  • Regulatory element prediction
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Data dissemination (e.g. web/ftp sites, submission to official repositories)
  • Development and maintenance of biological databases
  • Access to the GSC Compute Canada Advanced Research Computing node
  • Other Custom Services
  • ORCA - DIY access to biofx compute and storage resources


  • Protein-protein interaction mapping
  • Phospho-peptide/phospho-protein analysis
  • Protein isoform detection and quantification
  • Protein identification and quantification                                       


In-silico drug design

  • Molsoft ICM software for molecular docking
  • 400 CPU compute cluster to screen 1+ million compounds per day

For more information on our Platforms please visit the Platforms pages.


Contact Information

For additional information or to arrange for a cost quotation, please contact us.

Statement of Work Project Management Team
Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer
Suite 100, 570 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4S6
Phone: (604) 707-5900


Page last modified Feb 15, 2019