Supplementary information and data files for the KiWi manuscript:

supplementary materials

This page describes the supplementary materials for the KiWi manuscript submitted to Bioinformatics.

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KiWi source code

A zip archive containing all KiWi source code and related files.

KiWi source code - Read More…

Test dataset

A small breast cancer gene expression dataset provided for testing and tutorial purposes.

Test dataset - Read More…

KiWi 1.0 executable

Working executable for KiWi software.

KiWi 1.0 executable - Read More…

KiWi tutorial

A detailed walk-through demonstrating the use of KiWi to analyze a simple gene expression dataset and identify subspace clusters.

KiWi tutorial - Read More…

Supplementary figures and methods

Supplementary figures and methods referred to in KiWi manuscript.

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