Links to individual gene pages for 68 genes within the genomic region: chr11_24:100369902-107598601

chr11_24: 100369902-107598601 (7228700 bp containing 68 genes)

ENSG00000082175 a.k.a. 'PGR' at chr11:100506465-100414313 (-1)

ENSG00000137672 a.k.a. 'TRPC6' at chr11:100959869-100827577 (-1)

ENSG00000187151 a.k.a. 'ANGPTL5' at chr11:101292465-101266616 (-1)

ENSG00000110318 a.k.a. 'KIAA1377' at chr11:101377003-101290956 (1)

ENSG00000210935 a.k.a. 'AP001527.5' at chr11:101434349-101434248 (-1)

ENSG00000137691 a.k.a. 'C11orf70' at chr11:101460501-101423399 (1)

ENSG00000137693 a.k.a. 'YAP1' at chr11:101609356-101486497 (1)

ENSG00000212466 a.k.a. 'U6' at chr11:101689770-101689663 (1)

ENSG00000023445 a.k.a. 'BIRC3' at chr11:101713658-101693404 (1)

ENSG00000110330 a.k.a. 'BIRC2' at chr11:101754604-101723176 (1)

ENSG00000152558 a.k.a. 'TMEM123' at chr11:101828985-101772268 (-1)

ENSG00000210948 a.k.a. 'AP001830.5' at chr11:101844353-101844288 (1)

ENSG00000137673 a.k.a. 'MMP7' at chr11:101906688-101896450 (-1)

ENSG00000137674 a.k.a. 'MMP20' at chr11:102001273-101952776 (-1)

ENSG00000137675 a.k.a. 'MMP27' at chr11:102081678-102067625 (-1)

ENSG00000118113 a.k.a. 'MMP8' at chr11:102100868-102088599 (-1)

ENSG00000166670 a.k.a. 'MMP10' at chr11:102156569-102146455 (-1)

ENSG00000196611 a.k.a. 'MMP1' at chr11:102174104-102165861 (-1)

ENSG00000149968 a.k.a. 'MMP3' at chr11:102219552-102211738 (-1)

ENSG00000110347 a.k.a. 'MMP12' at chr11:102250922-102238686 (-1)

ENSG00000137745 a.k.a. 'MMP13' at chr11:102331672-102318937 (-1)

ENSG00000183911 a.k.a. 'AP001486.5' at chr11:102421651-102421240 (1)

ENSG00000137692 a.k.a. 'DCUN1D5' at chr11:102468079-102438032 (-1)

ENSG00000210953 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102779428-102779361 (-1)

ENSG00000210955 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102780173-102780106 (-1)

ENSG00000210962 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102780245-102780178 (1)

ENSG00000210975 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102781910-102781852 (1)

ENSG00000210978 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102782007-102781935 (1)

ENSG00000210984 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102782075-102782009 (1)

ENSG00000210991 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102782152-102782085 (-1)

ENSG00000210998 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102783247-102783180 (-1)

ENSG00000211004 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102783382-102783318 (-1)

ENSG00000211006 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102784384-102784317 (-1)

ENSG00000211009 a.k.a. 'AP003461.2' at chr11:102786040-102785972 (-1)

ENSG00000187240 a.k.a. 'DYNC2H1' at chr11:102855801-102485370 (1)

ENSG00000170967 a.k.a. 'DDI1' at chr11:103415132-103412518 (1)

ENSG00000170962 a.k.a. 'PDGFD' at chr11:103540237-103283125 (-1)

ENSG00000209098 a.k.a. 'AP003304.2' at chr11:103618060-103617999 (1)

ENSG00000211021 a.k.a. 'AP003304.2' at chr11:103628587-103628521 (1)

ENSG00000204403 a.k.a. 'CASP12' at chr11:104274607-104262627 (-1)

ENSG00000196954 a.k.a. 'CASP4' at chr11:104344535-104318804 (-1)

ENSG00000137757 a.k.a. 'CASP5' at chr11:104384957-104370180 (-1)

ENSG00000137752 a.k.a. 'CASP1' at chr11:104411086-104401458 (-1)

ENSG00000204397 a.k.a. 'CARD16' at chr11:104421261-104417263 (-1)

ENSG00000221959 a.k.a. 'CARD17' at chr11:104477368-104468406 (-1)

ENSG00000118168 a.k.a. 'CARD18' at chr11:104515035-104513879 (-1)

ENSG00000211026 a.k.a. 'AP003530.3' at chr11:104728903-104728607 (-1)

ENSG00000222663 a.k.a. 'U4' at chr11:105200706-105200570 (1)

ENSG00000152578 a.k.a. 'GRIA4' at chr11:105358029-104986010 (1)

ENSG00000170903 a.k.a. 'KIAA1826' at chr11:105398164-105383840 (-1)

ENSG00000182359 a.k.a. 'KBTBD3' at chr11:105453396-105427036 (-1)

ENSG00000149313 a.k.a. 'AASDHPPT' at chr11:105474629-105453502 (1)

ENSG00000222559 a.k.a. 'AP001282.4' at chr11:106177428-106177285 (-1)

ENSG00000213252 a.k.a. 'AP001282.4' at chr11:106203826-106202328 (-1)

ENSG00000152402 a.k.a. 'GUCY1A2' at chr11:106394381-106063120 (-1)

ENSG00000152404 a.k.a. 'CWF19L2' at chr11:106833775-106702293 (-1)

ENSG00000137760 a.k.a. 'ALKBH8' at chr11:106941637-106880550 (-1)

ENSG00000166253 a.k.a. 'AP000889.6' at chr11:106969159-106967681 (1)

ENSG00000110675 a.k.a. 'ELMOD1' at chr11:107042714-106992719 (1)

ENSG00000170290 a.k.a. 'SLN' at chr11:107087997-107083319 (-1)

ENSG00000214306 a.k.a. 'AP001024.6' at chr11:107152554-107148339 (1)

ENSG00000214305 a.k.a. 'AP001024.6' at chr11:107157526-107155429 (1)

ENSG00000110660 a.k.a. 'SLC35F2' at chr11:107234864-107166930 (-1)

ENSG00000179331 a.k.a. 'RAB39' at chr11:107339416-107304487 (1)

ENSG00000200855 a.k.a. 'Y_RNA' at chr11:107460951-107460850 (1)

ENSG00000166266 a.k.a. 'CUL5' at chr11:107483676-107384618 (1)

ENSG00000075239 a.k.a. 'ACAT1' at chr11:107523485-107497468 (1)

ENSG00000149308 a.k.a. 'NPAT' at chr11:107598575-107533331 (-1)