Links to individual gene pages for 62 genes within the genomic region: chr9_7:139933402-141213431

chr9_7: 139933402-141213431 (1280030 bp containing 62 genes)

ENSG00000107281 a.k.a. 'NPDC1' at chr9:139940655-139933922 (-1)

ENSG00000236394 a.k.a. 'RP11-229P13.6' at chr9:139947826-139947226 (1)

ENSG00000054179 a.k.a. 'ENTPD2' at chr9:139948497-139942550 (-1)

ENSG00000229257 a.k.a. 'RP11-229P13.3' at chr9:139956913-139952115 (1)

ENSG00000231864 a.k.a. 'RP11-229P13.1' at chr9:139959033-139957987 (1)

ENSG00000186193 a.k.a. 'C9orf140' at chr9:139965040-139956581 (-1)

ENSG00000197355 a.k.a. 'UAP1L1' at chr9:139978991-139971953 (1)

ENSG00000199411 a.k.a. 'SNORD62' at chr9:139988882-139988797 (1)

ENSG00000177239 a.k.a. 'MAN1B1' at chr9:140003635-139981400 (1)

ENSG00000176978 a.k.a. 'DPP7' at chr9:140009629-140004994 (-1)

ENSG00000245254 a.k.a. 'AL929554.1' at chr9:140011590-140008702 (1)

ENSG00000238824 a.k.a. 'snoU13' at chr9:140018061-140017961 (-1)

ENSG00000245367 a.k.a. 'AL929554.4' at chr9:140024312-140023147 (1)

ENSG00000176884 a.k.a. 'GRIN1' at chr9:140063207-140032842 (1)

ENSG00000184709 a.k.a. 'LRRC26' at chr9:140064503-140063210 (-1)

ENSG00000185863 a.k.a. 'TMEM210' at chr9:140066861-140065310 (-1)

ENSG00000176248 a.k.a. 'ANAPC2' at chr9:140083057-140069236 (-1)

ENSG00000176101 a.k.a. 'SSNA1' at chr9:140084822-140083099 (1)

ENSG00000176058 a.k.a. 'C9orf75' at chr9:140095757-140086069 (-1)

ENSG00000187713 a.k.a. 'TMEM203' at chr9:140100090-140098537 (-1)

ENSG00000188566 a.k.a. 'NDOR1' at chr9:140113813-140100119 (1)

ENSG00000212864 a.k.a. 'RNF208' at chr9:140116033-140114707 (-1)

ENSG00000197191 a.k.a. 'C9orf169' at chr9:140120763-140119087 (1)

ENSG00000244769 a.k.a. 'BX255925.2' at chr9:140122265-140118567 (-1)

ENSG00000233198 a.k.a. 'BX255925.4' at chr9:140123538-140123128 (1)

ENSG00000198569 a.k.a. 'SLC34A3' at chr9:140131006-140125385 (1)

ENSG00000188229 a.k.a. 'TUBB2C' at chr9:140138159-140135665 (1)

ENSG00000188163 a.k.a. 'FAM166A' at chr9:140142222-140138036 (-1)

ENSG00000197768 a.k.a. 'C9orf173' at chr9:140147934-140145713 (1)

ENSG00000188986 a.k.a. 'COBRA1' at chr9:140167998-140149625 (1)

ENSG00000244764 a.k.a. 'BX255925.1' at chr9:140177085-140174120 (-1)

ENSG00000198113 a.k.a. 'C9orf167' at chr9:140177093-140172201 (1)

ENSG00000198435 a.k.a. 'NRARP' at chr9:140196703-140194083 (-1)

ENSG00000246769 a.k.a. 'BX255925.3' at chr9:140196703-140194083 (1)

ENSG00000238994 a.k.a. 'snoU13' at chr9:140315690-140315596 (1)

ENSG00000187609 a.k.a. 'EXD3' at chr9:140317714-140201348 (-1)

ENSG00000188747 a.k.a. 'NOXA1' at chr9:140328858-140317802 (1)

ENSG00000188833 a.k.a. 'ENTPD8' at chr9:140336268-140328816 (-1)

ENSG00000165802 a.k.a. 'NELF' at chr9:140353786-140342022 (-1)

ENSG00000130653 a.k.a. 'PNPLA7' at chr9:140444986-140354404 (-1)

ENSG00000182154 a.k.a. 'MRPL41' at chr9:140447007-140445651 (1)

ENSG00000148399 a.k.a. 'WDR85' at chr9:140473387-140449356 (-1)

ENSG00000245494 a.k.a. 'AL365502.3' at chr9:140476950-140475536 (1)

ENSG00000245825 a.k.a. 'AL365502.2' at chr9:140479475-140477241 (1)

ENSG00000165724 a.k.a. 'ZMYND19' at chr9:140484942-140476531 (-1)

ENSG00000244951 a.k.a. 'AL365502.1' at chr9:140506038-140503038 (-1)

ENSG00000197070 a.k.a. 'ARRDC1' at chr9:140509812-140500106 (1)

ENSG00000203993 a.k.a. 'C9orf37' at chr9:140513358-140509784 (-1)

ENSG00000233998 a.k.a. 'RP13-467E5.1' at chr9:140535999-140535438 (-1)

ENSG00000214356 a.k.a. 'RP11-188C12.1' at chr9:140683139-140678525 (-1)

ENSG00000245576 a.k.a. 'AL611925.2' at chr9:140703874-140703313 (1)

ENSG00000207693 a.k.a. 'hsa-mir-602' at chr9:140732968-140732871 (1)

ENSG00000181090 a.k.a. 'EHMT1' at chr9:140764468-140513444 (1)

ENSG00000203987 a.k.a. 'AL611925.1' at chr9:140787022-140762377 (-1)

ENSG00000148408 a.k.a. 'CACNA1B' at chr9:141019076-140772241 (1)

ENSG00000229926 a.k.a. 'RP11-424E7.1' at chr9:141038316-141031547 (1)

ENSG00000221284 a.k.a. 'AL591424.1' at chr9:141070938-141070834 (-1)

ENSG00000159247 a.k.a. 'TUBBP5' at chr9:141071749-141069425 (1)

ENSG00000237419 a.k.a. 'RP11-885N19.2' at chr9:141093775-141090383 (-1)

ENSG00000235331 a.k.a. 'RP11-885N19.1' at chr9:141130446-141130159 (1)

ENSG00000233013 a.k.a. 'FAM157C' at chr9:141149300-141106637 (1)

ENSG00000223256 a.k.a. 'U6' at chr9:141150148-141150045 (1)