Links to individual gene pages for 136 genes within the genomic region: chr7_6:148583702-158821424

chr7_6: 148583702-158821424 (10237723 bp containing 136 genes)

ENSG00000204946 a.k.a. 'ZNF783' at chr7:148625325-148590195 (1)

ENSG00000219420 a.k.a. 'AC004941.5' at chr7:148650116-148649889 (-1)

ENSG00000218140 a.k.a. 'AC004941.4' at chr7:148662881-148662048 (1)

ENSG00000208278 a.k.a. 'AC004941.2' at chr7:148684753-148684678 (-1)

ENSG00000208277 a.k.a. 'AC004941.2' at chr7:148734159-148734088 (-1)

ENSG00000196453 a.k.a. 'ZNF777' at chr7:148788986-148759394 (-1)

ENSG00000181220 a.k.a. 'ZNF746' at chr7:148825727-148800820 (-1)

ENSG00000208274 a.k.a. 'AC004932.4' at chr7:148927367-148927296 (1)

ENSG00000133624 a.k.a. 'ZNF767' at chr7:148952776-148875178 (-1)

ENSG00000208271 a.k.a. 'AC004932.4' at chr7:148966513-148966447 (-1)

ENSG00000133619 a.k.a. 'KRBA1' at chr7:149062597-149043081 (1)

ENSG00000181444 a.k.a. 'ZNF467' at chr7:149101228-149092388 (-1)

ENSG00000214028 a.k.a. 'AC004877.1' at chr7:149114966-149104457 (1)

ENSG00000197558 a.k.a. 'AC004877.1' at chr7:149127103-149114241 (1)

ENSG00000127388 a.k.a. 'SSPO' at chr7:149162001-149150127 (1)

ENSG00000106479 a.k.a. 'ZNF862' at chr7:149195498-149166442 (1)

ENSG00000204934 a.k.a. 'AC004877.1' at chr7:149201864-149195719 (-1)

ENSG00000171130 a.k.a. 'AC093458.6' at chr7:149208720-149200990 (1)

ENSG00000106526 a.k.a. 'AC006008.2' at chr7:149631002-149575235 (-1)

ENSG00000188707 a.k.a. 'C7orf29' at chr7:149660741-149658334 (1)

ENSG00000127399 a.k.a. 'LRRC61' at chr7:149666171-149651346 (1)

ENSG00000106538 a.k.a. 'RARRES2' at chr7:149669696-149666351 (-1)

ENSG00000208269 a.k.a. 'AC005586.2' at chr7:149684857-149684774 (1)

ENSG00000214022 a.k.a. 'REPIN1' at chr7:149702066-149696812 (1)

ENSG00000196456 a.k.a. 'ZNF775' at chr7:149726652-149707339 (1)

ENSG00000171115 a.k.a. 'GIMAP8' at chr7:149807413-149778895 (1)

ENSG00000213205 a.k.a. 'AC092025.3' at chr7:149841666-149840679 (-1)

ENSG00000179144 a.k.a. 'GIMAP7' at chr7:149849093-149842878 (1)

ENSG00000133574 a.k.a. 'GIMAP4' at chr7:149901973-149895391 (1)

ENSG00000221143 a.k.a. 'AC069304.7' at chr7:149911193-149911122 (-1)

ENSG00000133561 a.k.a. 'GIMAP6' at chr7:149960406-149953399 (-1)

ENSG00000106560 a.k.a. 'GIMAP2' at chr7:150021659-150013727 (1)

ENSG00000213203 a.k.a. 'GIMAP1' at chr7:150049814-150044631 (1)

ENSG00000196329 a.k.a. 'GIMAP5' at chr7:150071669-150065384 (1)

ENSG00000177590 a.k.a. 'AC006479.2' at chr7:150075746-150075080 (-1)

ENSG00000106565 a.k.a. 'TMEM176B' at chr7:150128554-150119313 (-1)

ENSG00000002933 a.k.a. 'TMEM176A' at chr7:150133138-150128771 (1)

ENSG00000002726 a.k.a. 'ABP1' at chr7:150189312-150180506 (1)

ENSG00000055118 a.k.a. 'KCNH2' at chr7:150306335-150272982 (-1)

ENSG00000164867 a.k.a. 'NOS3' at chr7:150342608-150319080 (1)

ENSG00000181652 a.k.a. 'ATG9B' at chr7:150352519-150340268 (-1)

ENSG00000197150 a.k.a. 'ABCB8' at chr7:150373582-150356482 (1)

ENSG00000213199 a.k.a. 'ACCN3' at chr7:150380773-150376780 (1)

ENSG00000164885 a.k.a. 'CDK5' at chr7:150385929-150381832 (-1)

ENSG00000164889 a.k.a. 'SLC4A2' at chr7:150404542-150389271 (1)

ENSG00000164896 a.k.a. 'FASTK' at chr7:150408884-150404641 (-1)

ENSG00000164897 a.k.a. 'TMUB1' at chr7:150411503-150409106 (-1)

ENSG00000133612 a.k.a. 'AGAP3' at chr7:150472456-150414759 (1)

ENSG00000223157 a.k.a. 'AC010973.6' at chr7:150476809-150476723 (-1)

ENSG00000164900 a.k.a. 'GBX1' at chr7:150495800-150476609 (-1)

ENSG00000146926 a.k.a. 'ASB10' at chr7:150515742-150503718 (-1)

ENSG00000183016 a.k.a. 'AC010973.6' at chr7:150533473-150518899 (-1)

ENSG00000033050 a.k.a. 'ABCF2' at chr7:150555250-150535856 (-1)

ENSG00000211517 a.k.a. 'hsa-mir-671' at chr7:150566557-150566440 (1)

ENSG00000033100 a.k.a. 'AC021097.5' at chr7:150566838-150560518 (1)

ENSG00000082014 a.k.a. 'SMARCD3' at chr7:150605164-150566995 (-1)

ENSG00000013374 a.k.a. 'NUB1' at chr7:150706463-150669791 (1)

ENSG00000187260 a.k.a. 'WDR86' at chr7:150738057-150709140 (-1)

ENSG00000127377 a.k.a. 'CRYGN' at chr7:150768032-150757990 (-1)

ENSG00000208268 a.k.a. 'AC005996.2' at chr7:150792956-150792670 (-1)

ENSG00000106615 a.k.a. 'RHEB' at chr7:150847943-150794032 (-1)

ENSG00000106617 a.k.a. 'PRKAG2' at chr7:151205249-150884136 (-1)

ENSG00000212219 a.k.a. 'U6' at chr7:151228392-151228293 (1)

ENSG00000222941 a.k.a. 'Y_RNA' at chr7:151244436-151244345 (1)

ENSG00000106648 a.k.a. 'GALNTL5' at chr7:151347946-151284444 (1)

ENSG00000208257 a.k.a. 'AC006017.2' at chr7:151353493-151353212 (-1)

ENSG00000208254 a.k.a. 'AC006017.2' at chr7:151397023-151396920 (-1)

ENSG00000178234 a.k.a. 'GALNT11' at chr7:151450178-151407293 (1)

ENSG00000213188 a.k.a. 'AC006017.2' at chr7:151457708-151456985 (1)

ENSG00000204894 a.k.a. 'AC104692.1' at chr7:151695278-151694985 (1)

ENSG00000055609 a.k.a. 'MLL3' at chr7:151764023-151462947 (-1)

ENSG00000221454 a.k.a. 'AC005631.4' at chr7:151767326-151767239 (1)

ENSG00000214004 a.k.a. 'AC005631.4' at chr7:151771034-151764913 (1)

ENSG00000020219 a.k.a. 'CCT8L1' at chr7:151775287-151773257 (1)

ENSG00000219285 a.k.a. 'AC104843.4' at chr7:151918959-151918659 (-1)

ENSG00000199404 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr7:151921109-151920991 (-1)

ENSG00000208247 a.k.a. 'AC104843.3' at chr7:151924034-151923948 (1)

ENSG00000148944 a.k.a. 'AC104843.3' at chr7:151930912-151930237 (-1)

ENSG00000212590 a.k.a. 'SNORA26' at chr7:151937452-151937331 (1)

ENSG00000196584 a.k.a. 'XRCC2' at chr7:152004183-151974522 (-1)

ENSG00000214003 a.k.a. 'AC092180.5' at chr7:152077741-152077002 (1)

ENSG00000222256 a.k.a. 'SRP_euk_arch' at chr7:152085967-152085680 (1)

ENSG00000208246 a.k.a. 'AC092180.5' at chr7:152085969-152085680 (1)

ENSG00000133627 a.k.a. 'ACTR3B' at chr7:152183396-152087784 (1)

ENSG00000217267 a.k.a. 'AC079809.2' at chr7:152472606-152472331 (-1)

ENSG00000218120 a.k.a. 'AC091652.2' at chr7:152777893-152777447 (1)

ENSG00000217659 a.k.a. 'AC005588.2' at chr7:153296844-153296683 (-1)

ENSG00000203335 a.k.a. 'AC006019.2' at chr7:153390028-153389490 (-1)

ENSG00000221099 a.k.a. 'AC024239.7' at chr7:154032295-154032214 (-1)

ENSG00000130226 a.k.a. 'DPP6' at chr7:154316928-153215115 (1)

ENSG00000214106 a.k.a. 'AC093726.6' at chr7:154368041-154351160 (1)

ENSG00000157212 a.k.a. 'PAXIP1' at chr7:154425727-154366330 (-1)

ENSG00000220575 a.k.a. 'AC093726.4' at chr7:154494200-154489710 (-1)

ENSG00000157219 a.k.a. 'HTR5A' at chr7:154508392-154492967 (1)

ENSG00000217201 a.k.a. 'AC092628.3' at chr7:154529294-154529043 (1)

ENSG00000201066 a.k.a. '7SK' at chr7:154604827-154604524 (1)

ENSG00000217825 a.k.a. 'AC099552.4' at chr7:154621079-154619330 (-1)

ENSG00000186480 a.k.a. 'INSIG1' at chr7:154732877-154720476 (1)

ENSG00000204960 a.k.a. 'BLACE' at chr7:154853390-154842441 (-1)

ENSG00000218672 a.k.a. 'AC008060.7' at chr7:154881812-154867532 (1)

ENSG00000164778 a.k.a. 'EN2' at chr7:154950279-154943585 (1)

ENSG00000146910 a.k.a. 'CNPY1' at chr7:155019318-154959662 (-1)

ENSG00000216895 a.k.a. 'AC009403.2' at chr7:155129856-155096686 (-1)

ENSG00000184863 a.k.a. 'RBM33' at chr7:155266940-155129906 (1)

ENSG00000164690 a.k.a. 'SHH' at chr7:155297728-155288319 (-1)

ENSG00000221113 a.k.a. 'AC104133.5' at chr7:155357462-155357346 (1)

ENSG00000204876 a.k.a. 'AC021218.2' at chr7:155451798-155448090 (1)

ENSG00000221368 a.k.a. 'AF093117.1' at chr7:155638350-155638208 (1)

ENSG00000207061 a.k.a. 'Y_RNA' at chr7:155671678-155671577 (-1)

ENSG00000220215 a.k.a. 'AC005534.6' at chr7:156119199-156118810 (1)

ENSG00000182648 a.k.a. 'C7orf13' at chr7:156126109-156125459 (-1)

ENSG00000105982 a.k.a. 'RNF32' at chr7:156162585-156117523 (1)

ENSG00000206938 a.k.a. 'U4' at chr7:156357673-156357533 (1)

ENSG00000105983 a.k.a. 'LMBR1' at chr7:156378663-156166332 (-1)

ENSG00000204867 a.k.a. 'AC006357.5' at chr7:156448444-156447931 (1)

ENSG00000146909 a.k.a. 'NOM1' at chr7:156458634-156435178 (1)

ENSG00000130675 a.k.a. 'MNX1' at chr7:156496108-156490308 (-1)

ENSG00000213992 a.k.a. 'AC006357.5' at chr7:156501880-156496361 (1)

ENSG00000208245 a.k.a. 'AC004898.3' at chr7:156640286-156640208 (-1)

ENSG00000213990 a.k.a. 'AC004975.2' at chr7:156749375-156731244 (-1)

ENSG00000009335 a.k.a. 'UBE3C' at chr7:156754823-156624425 (1)

ENSG00000208243 a.k.a. 'AC004975.2' at chr7:156790073-156789843 (-1)

ENSG00000105993 a.k.a. 'DNAJB6' at chr7:156902891-156822461 (1)

ENSG00000178158 a.k.a. 'AC006372.2' at chr7:157012780-157011238 (1)

ENSG00000207960 a.k.a. 'hsa-mir-153-2' at chr7:157059875-157059789 (-1)

ENSG00000222012 a.k.a. 'AC005481.5' at chr7:157104218-157099476 (1)

ENSG00000208234 a.k.a. 'AC019043.8' at chr7:157956126-157956020 (1)

ENSG00000207637 a.k.a. 'hsa-mir-595' at chr7:158018266-158018171 (-1)

ENSG00000155093 a.k.a. 'PTPRN2' at chr7:158073241-157024511 (-1)

ENSG00000186921 a.k.a. 'AC093662.4' at chr7:158108432-158107731 (-1)

ENSG00000146918 a.k.a. 'NCAPG2' at chr7:158190281-158116764 (-1)

ENSG00000218653 a.k.a. 'AC019084.7' at chr7:158205613-158205182 (1)

ENSG00000117868 a.k.a. 'FAM62B' at chr7:158315080-158216450 (-1)

ENSG00000126870 a.k.a. 'WDR60' at chr7:158431643-158342030 (1)

ENSG00000106018 a.k.a. 'VIPR2' at chr7:158630410-158513628 (-1)

ENSG00000220691 a.k.a. 'AF027390.1' at chr7:158718828-158716886 (1)