Links to individual gene pages for 58 genes within the genomic region: chr3_15:113336502-121020101

chr3_15: 113336502-121020101 (7683600 bp containing 58 genes)

ENSG00000172139 a.k.a. 'SLC9A10' at chr3:113495795-113342424 (-1)

ENSG00000091972 a.k.a. 'CD200' at chr3:113564346-113534606 (1)

ENSG00000186265 a.k.a. 'BTLA' at chr3:113701098-113665503 (-1)

ENSG00000144848 a.k.a. 'ATG3' at chr3:113763453-113734050 (-1)

ENSG00000138459 a.k.a. 'SLC35A5' at chr3:113785692-113763585 (1)

ENSG00000091986 a.k.a. 'CCDC80' at chr3:113842667-113806103 (-1)

ENSG00000206531 a.k.a. 'CD200R1L' at chr3:114047487-114017246 (-1)

ENSG00000163606 a.k.a. 'CD200R1' at chr3:114176650-114124227 (-1)

ENSG00000163607 a.k.a. 'GTPBP8' at chr3:114202910-114192490 (1)

ENSG00000163608 a.k.a. 'C3orf17' at chr3:114221245-114203981 (-1)

ENSG00000144857 a.k.a. 'BOC' at chr3:114488993-114414065 (1)

ENSG00000206530 a.k.a. 'WDR52' at chr3:114643030-114493094 (-1)

ENSG00000163611 a.k.a. 'CCDC52' at chr3:114716693-114644262 (-1)

ENSG00000214369 a.k.a. 'AC112128.4' at chr3:114791449-114719249 (1)

ENSG00000072858 a.k.a. 'SIDT1' at chr3:114831111-114733908 (1)

ENSG00000209204 a.k.a. 'AC055740.17' at chr3:114834436-114834241 (1)

ENSG00000176542 a.k.a. 'KIAA2018' at chr3:114898183-114849922 (-1)

ENSG00000121579 a.k.a. 'NAT13' at chr3:114947786-114920531 (-1)

ENSG00000114573 a.k.a. 'ATP6V1A' at chr3:115013591-114948598 (1)

ENSG00000213387 a.k.a. 'AC079944.17' at chr3:115087568-115086970 (1)

ENSG00000178075 a.k.a. 'GRAMD1C' at chr3:115148710-115040447 (1)

ENSG00000184307 a.k.a. 'ZDHHC23' at chr3:115164515-115149438 (1)

ENSG00000163617 a.k.a. 'KIAA1407' at chr3:115258150-115165676 (-1)

ENSG00000151576 a.k.a. 'QTRTD1' at chr3:115289954-115258301 (1)

ENSG00000151577 a.k.a. 'DRD3' at chr3:115380589-115330247 (-1)

ENSG00000174255 a.k.a. 'ZNF80' at chr3:115439115-115436168 (-1)

ENSG00000181847 a.k.a. 'TIGIT' at chr3:115511038-115495398 (1)

ENSG00000207770 a.k.a. 'hsa-mir-568' at chr3:115518106-115518012 (-1)

ENSG00000212786 a.k.a. 'AC069063.22' at chr3:116323123-116322505 (1)

ENSG00000181722 a.k.a. 'ZBTB20' at chr3:116348817-115540230 (-1)

ENSG00000213384 a.k.a. 'AC046136.12' at chr3:116481397-116480662 (1)

ENSG00000221098 a.k.a. 'AC119795.2' at chr3:116884726-116884659 (-1)

ENSG00000172020 a.k.a. 'GAP43' at chr3:116923024-116824861 (1)

ENSG00000222510 a.k.a. 'SRP_euk_arch' at chr3:117039695-117039405 (1)

ENSG00000209194 a.k.a. 'AC012598.16' at chr3:117039696-117039407 (1)

ENSG00000185565 a.k.a. 'LSAMP' at chr3:117646568-117011853 (-1)

ENSG00000209192 a.k.a. 'AC078784.24' at chr3:117784367-117784147 (-1)

ENSG00000198406 a.k.a. 'BZW1L1' at chr3:117847942-117847282 (-1)

ENSG00000196797 a.k.a. 'AC069504.7' at chr3:118145159-118144645 (1)

ENSG00000200372 a.k.a. 'U5' at chr3:118166764-118166649 (-1)

ENSG00000206889 a.k.a. 'U6' at chr3:118745848-118745742 (1)

ENSG00000144847 a.k.a. 'IGSF11' at chr3:120347588-120102173 (-1)

ENSG00000163424 a.k.a. 'C3orf30' at chr3:120352992-120347687 (1)

ENSG00000114638 a.k.a. 'UPK1B' at chr3:120406690-120375115 (1)

ENSG00000121578 a.k.a. 'B4GALT4' at chr3:120442442-120413286 (-1)

ENSG00000207310 a.k.a. 'U6' at chr3:120543477-120543371 (-1)

ENSG00000031081 a.k.a. 'AC092981.3' at chr3:120619254-120495910 (1)

ENSG00000176142 a.k.a. 'TMEM39A' at chr3:120665161-120632391 (-1)

ENSG00000163389 a.k.a. 'KTELC1' at chr3:120696240-120670489 (1)

ENSG00000113845 a.k.a. 'C3orf1' at chr3:120725810-120700058 (1)

ENSG00000209182 a.k.a. 'AC073352.22' at chr3:120731013-120730933 (1)

ENSG00000121594 a.k.a. 'CD80' at chr3:120761171-120725830 (-1)

ENSG00000144843 a.k.a. 'ADPRH' at chr3:120791481-120781213 (1)

ENSG00000144837 a.k.a. 'PLA1A' at chr3:120831341-120799424 (1)

ENSG00000121577 a.k.a. 'POPDC2' at chr3:120862127-120843596 (-1)

ENSG00000138495 a.k.a. 'COX17' at chr3:120878933-120871062 (-1)

ENSG00000183833 a.k.a. 'C3orf15' at chr3:120968637-120904559 (1)

ENSG00000144852 a.k.a. 'NR1I2' at chr3:121020021-120982021 (1)