Links to individual gene pages for 59 genes within the genomic region: chr1_55:225910802-227585601

chr1_55: 225910802-227585601 (1674800 bp containing 59 genes)

ENSG00000215812 a.k.a. 'ZNF847P' at chr1:225961014-225951214 (-1)

ENSG00000213031 a.k.a. 'AL136378.14' at chr1:225988333-225987993 (1)

ENSG00000081692 a.k.a. 'JMJD4' at chr1:225989735-225985549 (-1)

ENSG00000143740 a.k.a. 'C1orf142' at chr1:226035550-225982981 (1)

ENSG00000185888 a.k.a. 'MPN2' at chr1:226100751-226069969 (1)

ENSG00000143816 a.k.a. 'WNT9A' at chr1:226202222-226175320 (-1)

ENSG00000219892 a.k.a. 'RP11-192I3.2' at chr1:226232489-226229669 (-1)

ENSG00000154342 a.k.a. 'WNT3A' at chr1:226315584-226261375 (1)

ENSG00000143761 a.k.a. 'ARF1' at chr1:226353535-226336984 (1)

ENSG00000143793 a.k.a. 'C1orf35' at chr1:226357647-226355052 (-1)

ENSG00000162910 a.k.a. 'MRPL55' at chr1:226363627-226361003 (-1)

ENSG00000218209 a.k.a. 'RP5-881P19.6' at chr1:226369797-226369326 (-1)

ENSG00000217983 a.k.a. 'RP11-520H14.1' at chr1:226389316-226389118 (-1)

ENSG00000143774 a.k.a. 'GUK1' at chr1:226403308-226394286 (1)

ENSG00000198835 a.k.a. 'GJC2' at chr1:226414146-226404038 (1)

ENSG00000203684 a.k.a. 'C1orf148' at chr1:226419836-226418410 (-1)

ENSG00000181873 a.k.a. 'C1orf69' at chr1:226436581-226420139 (1)

ENSG00000162913 a.k.a. 'C1orf145' at chr1:226467988-226457831 (-1)

ENSG00000154358 a.k.a. 'OBSCN' at chr1:226633198-226462484 (1)

ENSG00000154370 a.k.a. 'TRIM11' at chr1:226661140-226648004 (-1)

ENSG00000162931 a.k.a. 'TRIM17' at chr1:226670988-226662259 (-1)

ENSG00000168148 a.k.a. 'HIST3H3' at chr1:226679649-226679169 (-1)

ENSG00000216862 a.k.a. 'RP5-915N17.3' at chr1:226703945-226703492 (-1)

ENSG00000181218 a.k.a. 'HIST3H2A' at chr1:226712197-226711303 (-1)

ENSG00000196890 a.k.a. 'HIST3H2BB' at chr1:226712882-226712431 (1)

ENSG00000181201 a.k.a. 'AL139288.15' at chr1:226718918-226718537 (-1)

ENSG00000168159 a.k.a. 'RNF187' at chr1:226749292-226741717 (1)

ENSG00000215811 a.k.a. 'AL139288.15' at chr1:226766627-226764749 (-1)

ENSG00000202056 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226810225-226810117 (1)

ENSG00000199352 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226812756-226812638 (-1)

ENSG00000201588 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226814997-226814879 (-1)

ENSG00000199337 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226817238-226817120 (-1)

ENSG00000200381 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226819479-226819361 (-1)

ENSG00000199396 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226821720-226821602 (-1)

ENSG00000200624 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226823935-226823817 (-1)

ENSG00000202521 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226826155-226826037 (-1)

ENSG00000200343 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226828397-226828279 (-1)

ENSG00000201321 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226830636-226830518 (-1)

ENSG00000199910 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226832878-226832760 (-1)

ENSG00000199334 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226835119-226835001 (-1)

ENSG00000199270 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226837359-226837241 (-1)

ENSG00000202526 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226839584-226839466 (-1)

ENSG00000201355 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226841825-226841707 (-1)

ENSG00000201925 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226844056-226843938 (-1)

ENSG00000202257 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226846297-226846179 (-1)

ENSG00000200370 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226848528-226848410 (-1)

ENSG00000212237 a.k.a. '5S_rRNA' at chr1:226850402-226850282 (-1)

ENSG00000183929 a.k.a. 'AL713899.14' at chr1:226854773-226842808 (1)

ENSG00000206878 a.k.a. 'SNORA51' at chr1:226854930-226854806 (1)

ENSG00000179209 a.k.a. 'RP4-646B12.2' at chr1:226890190-226889785 (1)

ENSG00000116574 a.k.a. 'RHOU' at chr1:226949032-226937491 (1)

ENSG00000181413 a.k.a. 'RP5-1065P14.1' at chr1:227244955-227244541 (1)

ENSG00000208134 a.k.a. 'AL162595.17' at chr1:227384024-227383938 (-1)

ENSG00000177800 a.k.a. 'TMEM78' at chr1:227454180-227452006 (1)

ENSG00000177788 a.k.a. 'AL162595.17' at chr1:227473969-227473294 (-1)

ENSG00000213029 a.k.a. 'RP4-803J11.4' at chr1:227507871-227506752 (1)

ENSG00000168118 a.k.a. 'RAB4A' at chr1:227508261-227473504 (1)

ENSG00000154429 a.k.a. 'C1orf96' at chr1:227545358-227523381 (-1)

ENSG00000208132 a.k.a. 'AL160004.18' at chr1:227585558-227585498 (1)