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Genetic Study Coordinator

Job Code: GSC 03-27-2018

The Genetic Study Coordinator contributes to research study design and the development and implementation of genetic and epidemiologic research studies. This includes updating and improving systems such as appropriately anonymized study databases and other systems for managing study data, including genotype and whole exome and whole genome sequence data. The Genetic Study Coordinator designs study documents such as consent forms, and applies for Research Ethics Board approval for new studies or amendments to existing study procedures and renewals, as required.

 Key Accountabilities

  • Identify lymphoid cancer families and prioritize and recruit family members to participate in research. Obtain and organize blood and tumour samples and medical information necessary for the scientific success and continued grant funding of the study.  Defines subject and control inclusion criteria for case / control and family studies and ascertains patients and controls for research studies according to inclusion criteria.  Prioritizes collection of subjects based on the scientific objectives of the study. This includes oversight of the confirmation of clinical diagnosis and sampling (scrolls or cores) from tumour blocks by study pathologist, entering or directing entry of information into the study database, and maintaining a database of demographic, clinical and sample information in a confidential and secure manner.

  • Maintain required Research Ethics Board approval for each study by applying for renewals and amendments.

  • Contribute to the public profile of the research study by presenting at national and international scientific meetings, and participating in professional workshops and public education events. Maintain knowledge of current developments in genetic research and recommend new directions for research studies and projects. Ensure that study procedures are kept current with regard to emerging issues such as return of incidental findings.

  • Collaborate with members of the study team to develop research proposals, providing information on proposed budgets, collecting data, analyzing data, summarizing information and participating in disseminating research findings.

  • Participate in the training of students and team members in study procedures, data confidentiality and database use. Advise and when necessary assist trainees in carrying out scientific objectives based on study data and samples.

Performs other related duties as assigned.




A level of education, training, and experience equivalent to a MSc in Genetic Counselling, Genetics, Epidemiology or Molecular Biology and  two (2) years of experience conducting patient-based medicine research studies or research study co-ordination including direct contact with patients or other research study participants.

Demonstrated ability to work independently and cooperatively as part of an interdisciplinary team. Superior interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Demonstrated computer skills including ability to work with and maintain databases. Knowledge of requirements for informed consent and awareness of ethical considerations of genetics research. Familiarity with the requirements of institutional review board (IRB) approval. Demonstrated organizational skills, the ability to work independently under time constraints and within an environment of changing priorities. Physical ability to perform the duties of the job.






To Apply

Please send your resume with cover letter to

We request that you specify the position you are applying for by identifying the Job Code only (e.g. "GSC 03-27-2018") in the subject line of your emailed application.