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Assistant Bioinformatics Coordinator

Job Code: ABC HSA Req# 079280

Successful candidate will report to Lucas Swanson, Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator, and will oversee major development projects in the CCGI Group. This will involve organizing and coordinating development planning, coding, reviews and validation within the team in accordance with the software development lifecycle policy. Activities will include delegating development responsibilities; and communicating regularly with the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator, Medical Director and other stakeholders to give progress updates and adjust priorities and design to ensure that production and research projects are meeting the needs of the CCG.


1. Assists the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator in the day to day activities of the CCGI group by performing duties such as providing input on quantity and quality of work, making recommendations for improvements, workflow and procedures.

2. Coordinates projects of the CCGI group by performing duties such as chairing project-specific meetings and provides project status reports to the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator, with suggestions towards any required improvement of project management, task allocation and overall process.

3. Develops and implements assays to monitor project progress and measure project accomplishments to ensure that appropriate project focus is maintained and to provide feedback to staff.

4. Provides supervisory support to the CCGI group by performing duties such as:

a. Orientating new staff.
b. Providing input to the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator on training requirements. 
c. Assigning workload assignments and establishing work schedules.
d. Reviewing and establishing work priorities and adjusting work schedules to ensure priorities are met.
e. Completing performance reviews and addressing performance issues in conjunction with the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator.

5. Participates in the recruitment of staff through methods such as interviewing internal and external applicants and forwarding hiring recommendations.

6. Participates in the development and implementation of quality improvement programs to ensure services are provided in the most efficient and effective way by performing duties such as:

a. Monitoring quality and quantity of service and information provided by the bioinformatics group and identifying areas for change and/or improvement.
b. Generating test metrics to evaluate progress of research programs.

7. Assesses practical needs for identified research direction of the CCG in conjunction with the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator, CCG Project Manager, and Medical Director.

8. Participates in a variety of meetings by performing duties such as providing and/or receiving information and contributing to decision making.

9. Participates, in conjunction with the Clinical Bioinformatics Coordinator, in determining the computer infrastructure necessary for successful completion of projects and ensured viability of research programs by performing duties such as providing input and recommendations regarding purchasing decisions related to hardware, software and related items for the Bioinformatics platform.

10. Interprets statistical analyses and makes recommendations for review including preparing reports on statistical findings for publication and presentation in HTML format or as advised.

11.Conducts feasibility studies for computerization by performing duties such as determining user requirements, examining and identifying problems with existing systems and recommending modifications to and/or new systems; provides details of estimated implementation costs including associated staffing requirements.

12. Provides expertise in experiment modeling methods and procedures using experimental or simulated data. Develops and/or applies novel computer software to test hypotheses for investigation of specific biological problems with the primary goal of discovery and advancement of knowledge for clinical pipeline improvement.

13. Independently develops novel bioinformatics experiments and new techniques and validates approach against data.

14. Makes significant contributions to the preparation of research papers and presentation of scientific results, and provides draft method write-ups and data for the preparation of grant applications. May be a primary author.

15. Performs other related duties as required.


Education, Training and Experience

    • Graduation from a recognized Bachelor’s program in a related discipline such as Biochemistry, Genetics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Physics. A Master’s degree would be an asset.
    • A minimum of four (4) years of recent related experience including experience in clinical genomics, computer programming and quantitative data analysis, handling biological sequence and/or mapping data, database development and data storage schemas or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience acceptable to the Medical Director.
    • Experience in development of clinical informatics pipelines.

Skills and Abilities

    • Experience with computer operating systems such as Linux, UNIX.
    • Demonstrated ability to work in Python, R, and SQL.
    • Demonstrated ability to accept responsibility and work independently.
    • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others in a team environment.
    • Demonstrated ability to supervise staff and schedule work.
    • Excellent organizational, leadership interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Physical ability to perform the duties of the job.

This position is currently open to internal applicants only.



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