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Recent events, awards, and media releases from the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
Date Title Type
Sep 12, 2003

Draft genome sequence for Rhodococcus RHA1 published

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology at UBC and the Genome Sciences Centre have published a draft genome sequence of the Rhodococcus RHA1 genome . The publicly available data includes the contigs comprising the genome sequence and ORF list. The ORF list was extracted in an automated manner using Glimmer . This project is funded by Genome BC through Genome Canada.

Aug 21, 2003

Sockeye 1.0 released

Sockeye has reached 1.0 status. The latest version of the 3D genome visualisation software is now available for Linux and Windows. See here for more details about this Genome Canada funded project.

Apr 12, 2003

SARS Associated Coronavirus

The Genome Sciences Centre has generated the genomic sequence of the Toronto isolate, TOR2, of the Coronavirus which may be associated with the condition known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The current SARS sequence is now available for download on our SARS-associated Coronavirus page .

Apr 03, 2003

Sockeye 0.8.2 Released

The lastest Beta version of the 3D Genome visualisation software, Sockeye, is now available. Go to the Sockeye homepage for more information.

Apr 03, 2003

The Anniversary of the Helix

April 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the structure of the double helical DNA molecule. This nobel prize-winning discovery formed the basis for our understanding of the mechanisms of hereditary and has subsequently catalyzed an explosion in biomedical and molecular biological research.

Feb 13, 2003

Posters: Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2003

Posters presented at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2003 meeting in Flordia, USA by the Genome Sciences Centre are available online.

Dec 17, 2002

Posters: Genome Sciences Centre at BCCA Annual Conference 2002

Posters presented at the BC Cancer Agency's Annual Conference 2002 by the Genome Sciences Centre are available for download.

Aug 08, 2002

Mouse Physical Map Completed

The completed compilation of the physical map of the mouse genome was announced in an article in the journal Nature. The public effort of mapping the mouse genome was carried out at the Genome Sciences Centre. The map of the mouse leverages the already completed human physical map and nearly completed human sequence assembly .

Jul 19, 2002

Ensembl Mirror

The Genome Sciences Centre now provides an Ensembl mirror . Ensembl is an open source software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes.

Jul 10, 2002

Training Program in Bioinformatics

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Bioinformatics Training Program for Health Research , with the first classes beginning in September, 2002.

May 14, 2002

New BC Cancer Research Centre Launch

The BC Cancer Foundation announced the official groundbreaking for construction of one of Canada's largest cancer research facilities today at the site of the new BC Cancer Research Centre. Officials from the BC Cancer Foundation and the BC Cancer Agency were joined in today's announcement by a number of federal and provincial dignitaries, including Canada's Industry Minister, Allan Rock, and British Columbia's Minister of Health Planning, Sindi Hawkins.

May 13, 2002

Posters: Genome Sequencing & Biology at CSHL 2002

The posters presented at the May 2002 Genome Sequencing & Biology meeting at Cold Spring Harbour are now available for download .

Apr 08, 2002

Human CGH BAC Rearray

The Genome Sciences Centre has constructed a CGH rearray of human BACs. This set of some 30,000 clones will span the genome and be used in experiments to detect genotypic differences across the entire genome.

Apr 04, 2002

Bioinformatics of Mammalian Gene Expression project funded by Genome Canada

Apr 04, 2002

BC genomics researchers receive new approvals bringing funding to over $100 million

BC genomics researchers receive new approvals bringing funding to over $100 million. Five additional large-scale genomics research programs announced. Allan Rock, Minister of Industry, Dr. Martin Godbout, President and CEO of Genome Canada, and Dr. Alan Winter, President and CEO of Genome BC, announced today the approval of five new genomics research projects worth $32 million, half of which will be provided by Genome Canada. In addition, Genome BC will receive a further $6 million for a joint project with Genome Prairie, which was announced in Edmonton yesterday. With today's announcement, Genome BC will have received approval for over $100 million of genomics research projects, half of which will be provided by Genome Canada.

Apr 04, 2002

Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression project funded by Genome Canada

Feb 15, 2002

Minister Allan Rock and new CEO for Genome BC announce completion of BC genomics research agreements

Five Genome BC projects focus on health, forestry, aquaculture and the environment

Dec 10, 2001

BC Cancer Foundation to receive $10M for genome research

Genome Sequence Centre Receives Federal Funding

Oct 29, 2001

Internet Contig Explorer version 3

Third release of internet map viewer

Jul 23, 2001

Worming Our Way to a Longer Life

A Canadian-led search hunt for immortality

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